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Digital Sculptor

As a digital sculptor I work mainly in ZBrush, alongside Marvelous Designer, Substance Painter, Topogun, Maya, and Character Creator.  My sculptural repertoire is diverse.  As a partner in uncannyValley Design I provide jewelry designs, digital sculptures of natural science subjects, and 3D characters, clothing and assets for a variety of digital media.

UncannyValley Design provides 3D assets and character creation, modelling, rigging, and animation services, as well as augmented AR, XR & VR mixed and virtual reality solutions.

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TRex dinosaur ZBrush sculpture created by Suzanne M Matheson, 2023.

Illustrator, Specializing in the Natural Sciences

Image of Eastern Grey Squirrel digital stock illustration, Sciurus carolinensis, Colour, 2020 © Suzanne M Matheson.
Sciurus carolinensis, Colour, 2020 © Suzanne M Matheson

As an illustrator, my specialty is in creating realistic representations of natural science subjects.  As a communication device, I believe representational art is an efficient and elegant means of conveying complex ideas.  With beautiful clarity it simultaneously inspires and educates. 

My clients require accurate visual communication.  I dedicate myself to meeting this goal through close observation, combined with research and proficiency in illustrative techniques.  (Artist CV)  While I do work in traditional media (graphite, pen & ink, coloured pencil, and watercolour), for client work my preferred medium is digital.  This choice makes scanning or photographing of the original work unnecessary.  Considering the creation of a final, usable product, digitally-based art is both time and cost-effective for everyone involve.

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