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3d/AR applications, interactive media, modelling, rigging, animation & motion capture services
email: info@uncannyvalley.design  ph: 519-497-9000

providing 3d assets for uncannyValley.design

As a partner in uncannyValley.design I provide 3D characters, clothing and assets for a variety of digital media, as well as jewelry designs and digital sculptures of natural science subjects.

I work mainly in ZBrush, alongside Topogun, Maya, Substance Painter, Character Creator, and Marvelous Designer.

3d modelling, retopo, UV mapping, & texturing

Feature - Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur Model

TRex dinosaur ZBrush sculptural model created by Suzanne M Matheson, 2023.

This 3d model was sculpted, textured and rendered in ZBrush software. 
Topogun was utilized to retopologize for rigging and animation, and Maya for UV mapping.

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